Home based intervention

On 22nd February 2016, THE ABILITY GROUP REHABILITATION CENTRE a registered society was founded. The organization was established as the will of the citizens to participate actively in awareness and protection and to provide and facilitates equitable access to sustainable quality, affordable rehabilitation services with wide range of assistive devices such as standing frame, mobility devices along with therapeutic intervention and speech therapy services to improve quality of life and to ease the activity of daily living for the person with disability. The Ability Group established a Rehabilitation Centre for the out- patient rehabilitation services and also working on community based rehabilitation services in rural areas of Imphal east district.

Now the organization is looking forward for the expansion of health care facility specially in rural areas with the establishment of multi speciality hospital at affordable cost (for the needy and poor rural) as most of physically challenge people need extra health care facility along with regular rehabilitation services at one’s disposal. Most of the orthopedically and neurological challenged people need surgical intervention and its not easily accessible to rural area which is why a multi speciality set up becomes mandatary.


“Empowering the people with disability by facilitating access to rehabilitation services, prosthetics services, promoting inclusive development and enhancing their quality of life. Developing all types of appropriate health care facility at grassroots level for person with disability.”


“To give a good quality of life to the people with disability by providing equal access to health and livelihood.”

Case Study

In the year 2013 she had suffered stoke due to which her right side of the body got paralysed which made her right hand unable to use for basic daily activities. She has been enrolled in our regular rehabilitation program for the last one year in physiotherapy for 6 days per week. She was given orthosis support to prevent tightness and speech therapy to improve speech problem, aphasia. At present she has improved almost 60% enabling her hand to have food with the help of modified spoon especially design for her.

Thounaojam ManileimaAge 50 years

Baby Bunao born in 2012 was diagnosed with spinabifida by birth making the child with delay in development milestones. She has been enrolled in our community based rehabilitation since 2016. She was also given sitting/standing frame to bring the missed milestone. Now there is so much improvement in her developmental milestone.

Wangkheirakpam BunaoAge 9 years

A healthy aged man, Nongthongbam Gyanendro met an accident in 2015 which caused traumatic brain injury that made his right side of the body paralyzed. He has been enrolled in our regular rehabilitation program for 3 years. Now he is able to attend the social gathering where he can use his hand with ease.

He said, “ I would like to thank the ability group rehabilitation center for helping me to bring back my life to near normalcy.”

Nongthongbam GyanendroAge 72 years